#1 DevLog -

So this will be my first ever or should i say a complete devlog.

UPWARDS was first develop using Game Maker 8 with drag and drop logic functions. the first version of the game is divided on 3 episodes; Nimbus Tale, Maelstrom and Ragnarok and was first ever announce as UPWARDS Trilogy. The previous build was consist only of moving horizontal and vertical platforms, static laser beam and its most "annoying" feature which is the level down mechanics, when the player fall down from the platforms, you will automatically go back to the previous level which is a very painful experience to players. however, the character doesn't have life points or anything that limits its lives. however, the character has an unlimited tries or restart when it accidentally touches hazards.

The inspiration of the game's floating islands was based on my greatest fear, Heights. Seriously i was so afraid of heights :(. that's why i created upwards because i want to at least overcome my fear inside the game in which i cant try and try as i can.

Art Style
I really like pixel art. for me its a fresh yet nostalgic feeling when seeing games that are made mostly pixel art. I want upwards to have a "Look and Feel" characteristics where players doesn't need to think so much but focus only in the gameplay with calmness of the environment. i also wanted to have a static visual setting to put a stable focus to the game, i want the player to feel like he/she was looking on a painting.

Technically, it was a based on a traditional retro 2D platformers to state but what makes it more different is it only consist of limited platforms floating in the sky. The controls requires more mid-air controls rather than running and jumping that makes it more difficult to play. in addition to it's movements, it has a sprint feature added in order to have a boost and to improve gameplay possibilities.

UPWARDS: A Tale from Above was set to release on Summer 2018 but might change due to some upgrades and art additions as well as the story. the demo is currently available on http://upwards.itch.io.

Michael Larry Ancona
Dark Matter Digital

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